Refund Policy

a. In-order for any Laser Intern, who has officially enrolled in any course within the Institute, has paid the tuition and/or other fees, has attended the percentage of hours state below, and request to be withdrawn from the program, must officially withdraw with the Director of Operations by completing and submitting an Official Withdrawal Request Form.

b. If a Laser Intern requests to withdraw prior to attending the first day of class; they must officially withdraw with the Director of Operations by one of three ways; email (with confirmation of receipt), certified mail (with signature of acceptance), or in person by appointment only.

c. The postmark on written notification, or the date the information is delivered in person to the Institute’s Enrollment Office, will determine cancellation dates.

d. In the event the institution cancels a program, the Laser Intern will receive a 100% refund.

e. Refunds will be determined, less any non-refundable fees.

f. A Laser Intern "no-show" for the first day of class or never attending class is not an automatic refund.


g. A “stop payment” on a check or a filing a dispute on a credit card issued to the Institute may result in additional fees and a report filed with the Pinal County Attorney’s Office.


h. The refund policy stands regardless of payment method. (i.e., if an agency elects not to pay fees and tuition due for a Laser Intern who drops/withdraws or is withdrawn for violating school policy, the Laser Intern is responsible for payment).

i. The Laser Intern may submit a Refund Appeal Request Form, with supporting documentation, to the Director of Operations and received before the last day of the scheduled class timeframe for which the withdrawal took place.

j. Laser Interns are responsible to ensure their mailing address and contact information is up to date, at all times, as any refund checks will be sent certified mailed to the Laser Intern’s address of record within 7 business days of receiving the Official Withdrawal Request Form.

Other Refunds

Laser Interns withdrawing from Renew 360 Advanced Laser Institute for one of the following reasons must complete and submit an Official Withdrawal Request Form to the Director of Operations:


a. A Laser Intern with a serious illness, may withdraw with a verifiable written doctor’s statement that the illness prevents the Laser Intern from attending all classes for the remainder of the session and must remain on file with the Institute before a refund can be issued. Attendance percentage rates apply.


b. Serious illness or death of a family member that prevents the Laser Intern from attending all classes for the remainder of the session must provide the appropriate documentation before a refund can be given. Attendance percentage rates apply.


c. Death of a Laser Intern: The spouse or immediate family member may request a refund with the appropriate documentation before a refund is authorized. Attendance percentage rates apply.


d. Military Service Requests for a total withdrawal from the Institute for one of the above stated reasons may result in a pro-rated refund of tuition or class fees, provided the Laser Intern did not receive any supplies or the class has not been completed. Attendance percentage rates apply.